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With their first practice on November 14, 2010,  Mercer Special Hockey had 13 Players, 7 Coaches and 4 Junior Coaches. Since that first season, the program has grown to over 40 Players, 10 Coaches and more than 30 Junior Coaches. Founded by a group of parents and volunteers, the Mercer Special Hockey program works to provide opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities to participate in the sport of ice hockey in a specially-adapted learning environment. Mercer Special Hockey is comprised of over 40 developmentally disabled players (ages 5 and up) across a wide range of abilities, from advanced to learn-to-skate, who participate in a brand of the sport known as "Special Hockey."

About Mercer Special Hockey

The Mercer Bulldogs Special Hockey Team is now over 40 players strong and still growing. The team consists of both boys and girls with a common goal to play hockey. Special needs children of all ability levels are welcome to participate.  During each week’s practice, the rink is divided into three areas to accommodate for beginner, intermediate and advanced skill levels. All registered players can participate in weekly practices, home and away games as well as several special events throughout the season.


Keep up with the Bulldogs on Social Media

Now you can keep up with the latest Mercer Bulldogs news on various social media platforms.  In addition to this website, Mercer Special Hockey is also on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. So you can keep up with all of the latest news and scores. Each week, photos of the team’s practices are available on Facebook. And there are several highlight videos on the teams YouTube channel. Or you can "tweet" the latest news or a pic of your favorite Bulldog on Twitter. 


Practices, Games and Special Events

During our regular hockey season, the Mercer Bulldogs practice weekly at Mercer County Park. Practices are held each Sunday morning at 7:30AM from November until March.

In addition to regular practices, the Mercer Bulldogs also compete in both home and away games against other Special Hockey teams in the area. All players registered with Mercer Special Hockey are eligible to play in games regardless of skill level or disability.

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