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With their first practice on November 14, 2010,  Mercer Special Hockey had 13 Players, 7 Coaches and 4 Junior Coaches. Since that first season, the program has grown to over 40 Players, 10 Coaches and more than 30 Junior Coaches. Founded by a group of parents and volunteers, the Mercer Special Hockey program works to provide opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities to participate in the sport of ice hockey in a specially-adapted learning environment. Mercer Special Hockey is comprised of over 40 developmentally disabled players (ages 5 and up) across a wide range of abilities, from advanced to learn-to-skate, who participate in a brand of the sport known as "Special Hockey."

First Skate-A-Thon a Huge Success!!!

Thank you to Andreas Oskiper and Collin Penders for their very successful Skate-A-Thon to support the Mercer Bulldogs! They raised over $3700 with their efforts!!!  We were happy to see familiar faces, as well as new friends, join us on the ice. Thank you to all who attended, donated, helped out in the planning or came to support us!

Pictures of the event will be added soon!!

Mercer Bulldogs are looking for new skaters and players!

Please spread the word about this amazing program!  We are looking to expand our team. Boys and girls of all abilities are welcome to come out even if it's your first time on skates!  We are excited to be able to provide an opportunity for kids of all ages to experience the thrill of ice skating or ice hockey.Our season will end in March for this year but we will be back on the ice in the fall.  Please contact Jackie at 609-915-0458 or jackiezohn@gmail.com to learn more about the program and how you can be a part of the fun for next year.

About Mercer Special Hockey

The Mercer Bulldogs Special Hockey Program is a great way to meet new friends and have fun on the ice! The team consists of both boys and girls with a common goal to play hockey. Special needs children of all ability levels are welcome to participate.  During each week’s practice, the rink is divided into three areas to accommodate for beginner, intermediate and advanced skill levels. All registered players can participate in weekly practices, home and away games as well as several special events throughout the season.


Mercer Bulldogs Release New Video

Mercer Special Hockey has released a new video on YouTube. The new video highlights some of the weekly practices, ASHA games and special events that make the season so special. Throughout the video, Chris Benbow discusses the inspiration for the program, the support of the community and the joy it brings to the kids. The new video is a great way to share with the community what Mercer Special Hockey is all about and how it helps special needs children in the Mercer County area.


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